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We’re a web design and web development agency, providing fresh, creative digital services to businesses who want to grow online & offline. Focusing on results, we use our technical skill and industry insight to help you meet your digital goals.

Our Services

Whilst we are experts in many different digital niche areas, simply put we are “Digital Problem Solvers”.

Web Development

We design and build websites that you’ll be proud to show your customers. We know from our extensive website design experience that sometimes the ‘look’ is everything for the client and sometimes robust, trustworthy web processes are the key. And sometimes it’s both.

App Development

We develop high-quality iOS and Android mobile applications from one end to the other. And we do it well. Intuitive, engaging, and scalable – that’s our apps in a nutshell

Software Development

We create robust cross platform software for start-ups and large corporations. Our applications run everything from the smallest stock control software to complex stock trading applications. If you can imagine it, we can make it. 

Beautiful & Functional Websites

Speed, usability, functionality; our web development service keeps your website on its toes and at the top of its game – now and with one eye firmly on the future. From a slick CMS to responsive design for E-commerce, our web development agency use their technical skill and industry insight to help you reach your full potential on the web.

Technologies We Use

Technologies We Use

Catchy & Profitable Mobile Applications

Having created high-level apps for a wide variety of companies including media agencies, event organisers and banks, allows us to draw on an extremely broad range of skill sets. An ever-changing medium, the team’s focus is building solutions that are at the forefront of mobile and tablet technology.

Your Website & Software Work Everywhere.

The internet changed everything, and now mobile internet access is changing everything once again – but much faster. According to Morgan Stanley internet analyst Mary Meeker, we are now entering the fifth age of computing – and we are doing so faster than we entered the previous four. Meeker’s research team compared the adoption rates of Apple portable devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch to the take-up of AOL services in the early 1990s. Apple devices are being adopted 11 times faster than consumers connected to AOL.

Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

That is why at SWD one of the most important aspects of our work is the workflow. The start of the flow is as important as the end and we would like to guide you through a number of steps to help us understand and create your vision.

When starting a new website project, our clients generally have never been through the web design process before and aren’t sure what to expect. Therefore, it’s important to make the web design process as straightforward as possible in order to alleviate any concerns or apprehension.

Project Research

Our process helps to outline the general overview of the project, organisational background, the environment the organisation exists in, the people the organisation serves and the unique value it provides to its audience.


Creating the sitemap & page wireframes ensures that you’ve considered all the key pages on the site, showing their relationship to each other and defining how the sites overall navigation should be structured.


Your organisation’s brand plays an important role in this part of the process, our designer Ninjas will want to visually convey key brand ideas/values within the design.


After everything has been approved, the development will start. We work based on a multi stage type development where you review the progress and aprove every single stage of the development process.

Let’s Work Together

Due to our small nature, we can only handle a limited number of clients concurrently to ensure we maintain our quality and values.

Do not hesitate to contact us though, we will certainly take a look and have a discussion with you.